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February, 2024


Avocado Desperado: The Road to El Dorado (2024)     

Short (13:24)
directed by Kyle Tetzlaff

“We are all born in adversity. Strife. Turmoil. Villains hurt the world because of what it did to them. Heroes prevent it from hurting anyone else.”

Starring :::::::::::::::::::::

Kyle Tetzlaff

Zane Tetzlaff

Ivan Kaiser

Gabe Wood

Dalton Maxwell

Nick Baker

Camera :::::::::::::::::::

Ivan Kaiser

Kyle Tetzlaff

Sonny Hale


Sound ::::::::::::::::

Evan Smith

Music ::::::::::

Marc R. Velazco

Jack Sumrall III

Ivan Kaiser


Special FX :::::::::::: Aria Daryadel

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