Ivan Kaiser

         Ivan began filming at the age of 12 and has since directed over 25 films. He founded Alabaster Effect in 2011 to share his love of filmmaking, to expose audiences to new talent, and to allow others to express themselves through the art of film. Although primarily a writer and director, Ivan also studied cello throughout grade school which lead him to pursue a degree in Cello Performance from Stetson University. Ivan participated in Campus Movie Fest at Stetson and decided to follow his passion for film after winning Best Director in 2016 and 2017. He has since graduated with a BA Music degree instead but continues to compose for many Alabaster productions. Ivan also teaches cello in his spare time, allowing him to grow as both a filmmaker and a musician. 

Josh Melendez

                   Joshua Melendez has been working, and collaborating with Ivan Kaiser since middle school. Although his background is primarily in theater, Josh is happy to be a part of the Alabaster Effect crew. He is very happy to have had performances in numerous Alabaster productions, as well as getting his feet wet with writing, and directing. Josh continues to perform in productions in the community, as well as several shows for Universal Studios Orlando.

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Sonny Hale

                   I've known Ivan and Josh since elementary school. They’ve always had a passion for filming and they're the ones who really got me to appreciate filmmaking. I always just saw it as an excuse to goof around with my best friends, but seeing everything we've created from Ivan’s Spidey Adventure to Cold Green and to the masterpiece known as Dragons has really shown me that we can create something wonderful. I feel blessed to be apart of this wonderful team and I can't wait to see where our next adventure brings us.

Evan Smith

              Evan Smith grew up in Orlando, Florida and graduated from Lyman High School and Seminole State College of Florida. Currently enrolled at UCF, he is majoring in Information Technology. In his free time, he likes to play video games and view culturally enriching Japanese media.

Kyle Headshot.jpg
Kyle Tetzlaff

                Kyle was introduced to the Alabaster crew through a film class at Stetson University, where he recently graduated from in 2020. Kyle has always had a passion for film, but fell in love with filmmaking after creating an extra-credit film with Ivan in 2017. Kyle has now written, directed and started in multiple films with Alabaster, and is always ready to help the crew in any way he can. 

Gabby Bivona

         Gabby has been on the stage since kindergarten and has always had a passion for performance. For many years, she felt at home in musical theater, but in college she found a new love in dramatic theatre. It was here that she also honed her craft as a makeup artist for the stage and later for Universal Orlando. The Alabaster Effect team introduced her to the world of film in Deputy Brown, and she's been along for the ride ever since.

Dylan Forehand

                Dylan has always had a passion for sound, even as a child. Before working for Alabaster Effect he was chief audio specialist for Stetsons WHATRadio and also a member of the music school's sound crew. He enjoys not only recording but writing and producing music as well. Some of his favorite artists include Halloween Alaska, Clipping, Ben Folds, and Knower.

Marc R. Velazco

            Marc René Velazco is a composer, educator, and audio engineer based in Florida and currently on the Alabaster Effect team. Marc writes for multi media, including but not limited to, film, video games, the concert hall, and various other installations that necessitate the sculpture of sound.

Jack Sumrall III

      Jack G. Sumrall III (b. 1996) is an American conductor, composer and a champion of new music. A tenor trained at Stetson University, Jack studied private voice with Jane Christeson; He studied conducting (both choral and orchestral) with Dr. Andrew Larson, Anthony Hose and Dr. Timothy Peter. Jack currently has published music on J.W. Pepper and He composes in a variety of styles and genres- 8-bit video game music, Modern-classical, and is an in-house composer for Alabaster Effect.

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Allan Headshot.jpg
Allan Zeng

                  Allan is a writer for Alabaster Effect who is occasionally coerced into appearing on camera. He received a BA in English and Theatre from the University of Iowa, so he must be at least competent at what he does.

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Anna Johnson

         Anna is an Orlando-based actor, writer and comic who has been performing in some capacity for over 10 years. In 2018, Anna graduated from the University of Central Florida with dual degrees in Theatre Studies and Journalism. While in school, she performed in Reeling and served as a dramaturg for Pentecost, both of which were part of Theatre UCF’s mainstage seasons. Anna also joked around for three years as part of student-run sketch comedy troupe Quadruple Stuffed Oreos. She eventually aspires to work as a professional comedian and/or comedy writer, but for now, you can find her performing at local open mic nights when she’s not shooting the next film for Alabaster Effect.

Scott J. Gilbert

        Scott grew to love acting later in his High School days, taking parts in theaters both in and out of school since 2013. Scott's first Alabaster Film was Cold Green and he hopes for many more projects to come. 

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